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the life of an american college student;; attempting to find footing in a foreign land...

Gimme Back My

…high-waisted jean shorts.
…bare feet.
…ginormous burritos.
…pacific ocean.
…beloved family and friends.

Gimme back California. Tomorrow it is.

Love Letter to Rome

Cara Roma,

Grazie per tutto. I seriously cannot thank you enough for these past 8 and a half months. You truly have become a second home to me and a piece of my heart will forever reside with you.
You taught me things I didn’t know about myself and I can see now that I am not the same person that I was upon leaving California last August. I have grown and transformed; my confidence heightened.
I still have some anxieties about the future but they have been eased somewhat by this experience. I did what I set out to do, and the simple fact that I was able to do this at all makes me ever so grateful.

Ti amo, Roma e ci vediamo subito.


Porto, Portugal

So. Cute. The city is not too large and there are tiles upon tiles scattered about nearly every facade. The color scheme of the city is rich purple, burnt orange, and golden yellow. I ate some of the best seafood of my life and went to the winery of the oldest producers of port wine, as well as being able to sip on some myself.
Since this was a very short trip, I do not have much to tell but I did enjoy myself and the ambiance of the city. I guess with my lingering finals, and the fact that I am leaving in less than a week, my creativity is being stifled by all of my looming emotions and this horribly practical scholastic information.
This being the case, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

View from our window.

Flourish & Blott’s from HP!

Oh hai cutie.


How did this happen?

Photobucket is getting so cool, mayun. The updated editing program is my new procrastination tool. Uh oh finals week, you are in grave danger.
Here are some ‘before and after’ shots.

Fig.1—Porto, Portugal

Fig. 2—Em at a coffee shop; State St., Santa Barbara, U.S.A.

Fig. 3—Trastevere, Roma

Fig. 4—Connemara, Ireland

It is easier to run away
than it is to return.